Microsoft Teams & Better Stack integration

Better Stack – Micosoft Teams (Light Mode).png

To integrate Microsoft Teams with Better Stack:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams, go to Apps (left menu panel).
  2. Search Better Stack and click Add and then Add to a team.
  3. Select a team (if not shown, start typing the name into the search bar).
  4. Click Set up a bot.
  5. An automatic message will appear in the channel, click see more.
  6. You will see the option to Connect your team by clicking here.
  7. Click the link and select the team you want to connect and you're done. 🎉

To set up a new team:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, go to Teams (left menu panel).
  2. At the bottom - click Join or create a team.
  3. Click Create a team.
  4. Select From scratch.
  5. Choose Private or Public.
  6. Type in the team’s name, click Create and you're done. 🎉
  7. Optional: invite colleagues.

Please note that the BetterStack application cannot be integrated with private channels in Microsoft Teams.

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