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We are software builders at Better Stack.

CEO is a software engineer, COO is a software engineer and you guessed it; CTO is an engineer, too.

We're helping developers in building a better internet.

If you love building amazing software, you're at the right address.

Wat: a lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash 2012

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A few tweets we live by

Speed & developer productivity matters

No. 1 thing that kills startups is that they don't manage to make something people want.

Ugly code doesn't kill startups. Competition doesn't kill startups.

Companies die when they run out of money before they manage to create a delightful product.

But you never really know if your product is going to work… until it does.

The no. 1 priority of a great startup is to move fast(er).

That's why we optimize for a pragmatic style of software development that allows us to move at an unrivaled speed & quality and ship products faster than our better-funded competitors.

Who we are looking for

  • Writing software is your hobby.
  • You tend to start side projects to try out new technologies.
  • You're the kind of person who'd consider writing a web scraper to compare rents & house prices in order to find the best place to live.
  • In other words, you can take a rough idea and make it into a live app.
"Relaxing" by working on side projects

Photo from Twitter by Rich Harris

How our interviews work

Our interviewers actually ask you about the things you'd do on the job.

Sure, we do ask a few Google-like algorithm questions, but we mainly want you to solve a number of real-world problems you can come across the next day on the job.

No need to revise algorithms and data structures before interviewing with us.

Afterwards, we always ask for your feedback so that we can improve with the next interview round.

What you'll do

You'll have a massive impact on the business. Seriously, your work needs to be visible like a crater here. We're a small startup, there's no space for free riders here. Every single team member brings a unique skill to the table.

Our tech stack

We don't care if you worked with a completely different tech stack until now. Amazing software engineers like you can pick up new frameworks quickly.

Our stack is not set in stone either. Come with solid reasons for doing things differently and we'll change our best practices!

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, and ClickHouse
  • Vue.js, Vanilla.js, Turbo, Turbo.js, ES6, and Tailwind
  • Rust, Docker, ZFS, Prometheus, Grafana

The right time to apply was yesterday

No, seriously. Something magical happens in fast-growing startups before they cross 20-30 people.

Google or any other bigTechCo is going to be the same as today in a few years. You can always join them later.

Startups are different, however. Things change rapidly from one week to another.

You will learn more than you ever thought was possible.

If you ever wanted to experience your own Silicon Valley way of building a global software startup, reach out today.