Connecting external calendars

Uptime connects to the calendar services you already use, such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, to allow you to manage your on-call rotation schedules.

Uptime supports any service that gives you a public .ics file URL. This includes services like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo Calendar, Zoho calendar, and many more.

Connecting a calendar:

  • Click Who is on-call? in the menu on the left of your dashboard.
  • Select the Default on-call calendar.
  • Click Configure the on-call calendar.
  • Choose your calendar provider (Google Calendar, Outlook or other).
  • Follow the steps on the page, and enter your calendar .ics URL.

Configuring a Google Calendar

You'll need to copy the calendar's Secret address in iCal format to set up your on-call calendar.


If you can't see it in your Google Calendar settings under the Integrate calendar section, enable calendar sharing for your organization by following these steps:

  • Head to your domain's Google Admin.
  • Search for External sharing options for primary calendars.
  • Open the settings, and set it to Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars.

Configuring a Microsoft Outlook calendar

You'll need to copy the calendar's ICS link to set up your on-call calendar.

You might need your Microsoft 365 administrator to change the default sharing policy for your organization, as such:

  • Head to your organization's Exchange admin center or Office 365 admin center.
  • Search for the Share your calendar settings and set it to All calendar appointment information, including time, subject, location and title.

Scheduling an on-call duty

To schedule an on-call duty, create a calendar event with a colleague's e-mail in the event name.