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Why choose Better Stack vs.

Key features
Better Stack
Free custom subdomain (
Embed system status widget into your website
Beautiful status page design
Built-in website & ping monitoring
Phone call downtime alerts
Built-in incident management
On-call duty scheduling
Designed for teams and enterprises
Loved by teams around the world

Software engineers from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies choose Better Stack.

Our customers include Canada, Decathlon, Huawei, IBM, SME, LTSE, Eset, Redis, Accenture, Sygic and Represent.

Stylish & Branded.
On your domain.

Build trust with every incident and reduce the number of customer service tickets.


Replaces Statuspage and
Screenshot of Better Stack's status page

Plug in the services you already use including DataDog, New Relic, Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud.

Configure everything in 5 mins

Get a beautiful branded status page on your own sub-domain in just a few clicks. Configure a single CNAME record and you’re all set!

Customizable design

You can customize the design to match your product with a custom CSS. You don’t have to, however, since the page looks amazing already.

That's just the tip
of the iceberg

Screenshots & error logs

We don't just tell you that your service went down. We also tell you why.

Incident audit timeline

Get second-by-second timeline for every incident with detailed information about what happened and who got alerted.

Ping, SSL & TLD expiration

The most commonly used monitors come built-in and can be configured in a few seconds.

Smart incident merging

30 incidents get created at the same time? Acknowledge them with a single tap and keep your phone from ringing while fixing the issue.

Integrate everything

Plug in the services across all levels of your stack and get up and running in minutes, not days.

Cron job monitoring

Never lose a DB backup! Track your CRON jobs and serverless workers. Get alerted if they don't run correctly.

Save big with Better Stack

Better Stack replaces a bunch of existing tools. See how our fixed price for a team of 6 compares with PagerDuty, Pingdom, and

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Incident management


Uptime monitoring


Branded status page

$ 673 /mo

6 team members, 60 monitors,
and 2,000 subscribers

Incident management with on-call
Uptime monitoring built-in
Branded status page on your own sub-domain
$ 269 /mo

6 team members, 60 monitors,
and 2,000 subscribers

Don’t just take our word for it

We're proud to be working with these incredible companies, and thankful for their feedback, suggestions, and support.

Looking for a status page? I recommend @BetterUptime. Perfect support, answered my dms in a couple of minutes, and it's the first actual cool looking status page which allows custom domains (on the free plan 😱) haven't actually tried it, but it looks good so far.



I tested @BetterUptime for @gamubsapp! So much easier to configure and the interface is better than @FreshworksInc!


By far @BetterUptime has given me more pleasant surprises other tool in this space. We had an outage due to a domain name expiring, and it turns out we can even be alerted about that. Great user experience and UI on top of all the features. How is it not more popular?


One year one tool. @linear won my heart last year. This year so far, @BetterStackHQ is the frontrunner, well designed 👏


I just checked this out, and have never been so happy that I saw an ad 👏

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