Better Stack Digital Ocean logging

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Collect logs from your Digital Ocean Apps .

Set up Better Stack RSyslog source

  1. Go to the Better Stack β†’ Sources β†’ Connect source.
  2. Name your source and select RSyslog from the Platform dropdown.
  3. Click the Create source button.
  4. Copy Source token from Basic information section.

Set up Digital Ocean App

  1. Go to your Digital Ocean β†’ Apps .
  2. Select your app and click the Settings tab.
  3. Click Log Forwarding β†’ Edit β†’ Add Destination.
  4. Fill in Name, Log Destination Type, and paste your Better Stack Source token.
  5. Select the app resources to collect logs from.
  6. Click Add Log Destination and you're done. πŸŽ‰

You should see your logs in Better Stack β†’ Live tail .

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Additional information

Want to read more about setting up log forwarding for Digital Ocean Apps?
Check out the Digital Ocean guide on Forwarding Logs in App Platform .