Better Stack Filebeat logging

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Collect logs from your application using Filebeat.

1. Download and install Filebeat

Pick a version of Filebeat for your OS on Filebeat download page and install it.

2. Edit configuration

In your filebeat.yml file, replace current output.* config to send data to Better Stack:

filebeat.yml output config
  hosts: ''
    X-Better-Stack-Source-Token: '$SOURCE_TOKEN'

Review the rest of the config to ensure some logs will be read. For example, change enabled: false to enabled: true in the default filebeat.inputs array.

You can read more about input configuration in Filebeat docs.

3. Start the Filebeat daemon

Start the daemon
./filebeat -e -c filebeat.yml

You should see your logs in Better Stack → Live tail.

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Additional information

Want to read about Filebeat configuration in more detail?
Check out the Filebeat documentation.