How do we bill for metrics?

The more metrics you send, the more we charge you.

We bill for metrics based on data points on a per-source basis, daily.

Data points = ingested events × aggregations × active time series

You can see the used-up data points in Settings -> Usages or calculate them directly for a given source with SQL as follows:

  • Ingested events: SELECT countMerge(event_count) FROM {{source}}
  • Aggregations: Go to source -> Configure -> Logs to metrics to look up the number of aggregation functions checked. Example: if latency is aggregated as sum and average you're using 2 aggregations.

  • Active time series

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT (non_aggregated_metric1, non_aggregated_metric2, non_aggregated_metric3, ...)) 
FROM {{source}}
WHERE dt > now() - INTERVAL 1 DAY

Need help?

We understand this may sound too complicated. We structured our billing to be as simple as possible while being fair: if you use more resources, you should pay more. Let us know at if you need help.