Sending logs to Logtail using Fluent Bit

Setting up Fluent Bit is very straightforward:

  1. Install Fluent Bit on your server according to the guidelines .

  2. Install and set up Fluent Bit input plugins  to suit your needs (e.g., Syslog ).

  3. Modify the Fluent Bit [OUTPUT] configuration to start sending logs to your Logtail source. A basic configuration that forwards logs from all inputs to a single Logtail source could look like this:

    flush  1
    name tail
    path /var/log/syslog

    name    http
    match   *
    tls     On
    port    443
    uri     /
    header  Authorization Bearer YOUR_LOGTAIL_SOURCE_TOKEN
    header  Content-Type application/msgpack
    format  msgpack
    retry_limit 5

You can learn more about Fluent Bit configuration from the official manual .

4.Once you're happy with the configuration restart the Fluent Bit service: sudo service td-agent-bit restart You should start seeing your logs in Logtail 🎉