Send logs to Better Stack using Fluent Bit

Start logging to Better Stack

1. Install

Install Fluent Bit on your server.

2. Set up inputs

Install and configure Fluent Bit input plugins.

3. Set up output

Modify your Fluent Bit output configuration to send logs to Better Stack:

Output configuration
    flush  1

    name tail
    path /var/log/syslog

    name    http
    match   *
    tls     On
    port    443
    uri     /fluentbit
    header  Authorization Bearer $SOURCE_TOKEN
    header  Content-Type application/msgpack
    format  msgpack
    retry_limit 5

4. Restart

Restart the Fluent Bit service to reload the configuration:

Restart the service
sudo service td-agent-bit restart

You should see your logs in Logs → Live tail.

Need help?

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Additional information

Want to learn more about configuring Fluent Bit inputs and outputs?
Check out the official documentation.