Severities are customizable ways of alerting in case of an incident. They are the ideal way to create a pre-set way of alerting that could then be applied to multiple escalation policies.

Severities can include any of the main alerting options:

  • Call
  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Push notification

Creating a new severity:

  • Go to Escalation policies.
  • Click Create severity.
  • Name your severity (see example below).
  • Select how you want to be alerted in case of an incident.
  • Click Save changes.

3 commonly used severities

  • High Severity set to call, e-mail and push notifications alerting
  • Low Severity set to e-mail and push notifications alerting
  • SMS only Severity set to SMS alerting

Customizing the alerts

Each team member can customize their alerts based on the severities.

Go to Settings → Push notifications and set the way we alert you when there's an incident with a particular severity level.

The alerting options set in severities are always used as a default.