Status page resources API response params

Response parameters

Namespace data

Parameter Type Values
id String ID of the status page resource
type String status_page_resource
attributes Object Attributes object (see below)
attributes.resource_id Integer ID of the resource on which is the status page resource pointing (e.g.: the ID of the monitor)
attributes.resource_type String Type of the resource on which is the status page resource pointing (e.g.: Monitor) Available values: Monitor, Heartbeat, WebhookIntegration, EmailIntegration
attributes.public_name String The resource name displayed publicly on your status page.
attributes.explanation String A detailed text displayed as a help icon.
attributes.history (deprecated) Boolean DEPRECATED Do you want to show the incident history for this item? Default: true Please use the widget_type for this setting
attributes.widget_type String What widget to display for this resource. Expects one of three values: plain - only display status history - display detailed historical status response_times - add a response times chart (only for Monitor . This takes preference over history when both parameters are present.
attributes.position Integer The position of this resource on your status page, indexed from zero. If you don't specify a position, we add the resource to the end of the status page. When you specify a position of an existing resource, we add the resource to this position and shift resources below to accommodate.
attributes.availability Double (Decimal number) Takes on a the percentage value of a resource's availability
attributes.status_history Array of objects Array of history objects (see below)
attributes.status_history[index].day String (Date in YYYY-MM-DD format) Single day.
attributes.status_history[index].status String Status during this day.
attributes.status_history[index].downtime_duration Integer