Datadog integration API response params

Response body parameters

Namespace data

Parameter Type Value
id String The id of the Datadog integration. (string representation of a number)
type String datadog_integration
attributes Object Attributes object - contains all the Datadog integration attributes. See below: String Name of the Datadog integration.
attributes.policy_id String ID of the escalation policy associated with the Datadog integration. (string representation of a number) Boolean Do we call the on-call person?
attributes.sms Boolean Do we send an SMS to the on-call person? Boolean Do we send an email to the on-call person?
attributes.push Boolean Do we send a push notification to the on-call person?
attributes.team_wait Integer How long we wait before escalating the incident alert to the team. In seconds.
attributes.recovery_period Integer How long the alert must be up to automatically mark an incident as resolved. In seconds.
attributes.paused Boolean Is the Datadog integration paused.
attributes.alerting_rule String Should we alert only on alarms, or on both alarms and warnings. Possible values: alert, alert_and_warn.
attributes.webhook_url String The URL to which to point the Datadog webhook to.