Logtail Bunyan stream

Start logging in 3 steps

1. Install

Install Logtail Bunyan and Logtail Node NPM packages:

Install Logtail packages
npm install @logtail/bunyan @logtail/node

2. Setup

Set up Logtail Bunyan stream:

Set up Bunyan logger
const bunyan = require("bunyan");
const { Logtail } = require("@logtail/node");
const { LogtailStream } = require("@logtail/bunyan");

// Create Logtail client
const logtail = new Logtail("$SOURCE_TOKEN");

// Create Bunyan logger
const logger = bunyan.createLogger({
  name: "Example logger",
  level: "debug",
  streams: [
      stream: new LogtailStream(logtail),

3. Start logging ๐ŸŽ‰

Use Bunyan logger as usual:

Send logs to Logtail
logger.error("Something bad happened.");
    item: "Orange Soda",
    price: 100.00
}, "Log message with structured logging.");

// Ensure that all logs are sent to Logtail

You should see your logs in Logtail โ†’ Live tail.

Bunyan version 2.0.0 or higher is required.

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