Status pages API response params

Response parameters

Namespace data

Parameter Type Values
id String The id of the status page
type String status_page
attributes Object Attributes object (see below)
attributes.company_name String Name of your company. This will be displayed on the page.
attributes.company_url String URL of your company's website
attributes.contact_url String URL that should be used for contacting you in case of an emergency (can be null)
attributes.logo_url String A direct link to your company's logo. The image should be under 20MB in size
attributes.timezone String What timezone should we display your status page in? The accepted values can be found in the Rails TimeZone documentation.
attributes.subdomain String What subdomain should we use for your status page? This needs to be unique across our entire application, so choose carefully
attributes.custom_domain String Do you want a custom domain on your status page? Add a CNAME record that points your domain to Example: CNAME
attributes.custom_css String Unleash your inner designer and tweak our status page design to fit your branding
attributes.google_analytics_id String Specify your own Google Analytics ID if you want to receive hits on your status page
attributes.min_incident_length Integer If you don't want to display short incidents on your status page, this attribute is for you. In seconds.
attributes.announcement String Add an announcement to your status page
attributes.announcement_embed_enabled Boolean Toggle this field if you want to show an announcement in your embed You can embed the announcement using this snippet: <script src="" data-id="<SET STATUS_PAGE_ID>" async="async" type="text/javascript"></script>
attributes.announcement_embed_css String Modify the design of the announcement embed
attributes.announcement_embed_link String Point your embedded announcement to a specified URL
attributes.subscribable Boolean Do you want to allow users to subscribe to your status page changes?
attributes.hide_from_search_engines Boolean Hide your status page from search engines
attributes.password_enabled Boolean Do you want to enable password protection on your status page?
attributes.history Integer Number of days to display on the status page. Between 7 and 365 days.
attributes.aggregate_state String Overall state of the resources on the status page. The possible values are: Operational Downtime Degraded
attributes.created_at String (ISO DateTime) When was the status page created.
attributes.updated_at String (ISO DateTime) When was the status page last updated.