Heartbeats API response params

Response body params

Namespace data

Parameter Type Values
id String The ID of the heartbeat
type String heartbeat
attributes Object Attributes object (see below)
attributes.url String URL to your heartbeat
attributes.name String A name of the service for this heartbeat
attributes.period Integer How often should we expect this heartbeat? In seconds Minimum value: 30 seconds
attributes.grace Integer Heartbeats can fluctuate; specify this value to control what is still acceptable Minimum value: 0 seconds We recommend setting this to approx. 20% of period
attributes.call Boolean Should we call the on-call person?
attributes.sms Boolean Should we send an SMS to the on-call person?
attributes.email Boolean Should we send an email to the on-call person?
attributes.push Boolean Should we send a push notification to the on-call person?
attributes.team_wait Integer How long should we wait before escalating the incident alert to the team? Leave blank to disable escalating to the entire team.
attributes.heartbeat_group_id String Set this attribute if you want to add this heartbeat to a heartbeat group. Can be null
attributes.sort_index Integer An index controlling the position of a heartbeat in the heartbeat group.
attributes.paused_at String (ISO DateTime format) When was the heartbeat paused. Can be null if heart beat is not paused.
attributes.created_at String (ISO DateTime format) When was the heartbeat created. Example value "2020-05-05T11:41:49.327Z"
attributes.updated_at String (ISO DateTime format) When was the heartbeat last updated. Example value "2020-05-05T11:41:49.327Z"
attributes.status String The status attribute can have one of the following values: - paused - the heartbeat was paused - pending - the heartbeat was just created and is waiting for first request - up - heartbeat received request on time - down - heartbeat did not receive request on time
attributes.maintenance_days Array of strings An array of maintenance days to set. If a maintenance window is overnight both affected days should be set. Allowed values are ['mon', 'tue', 'wed', 'thu', 'fri', 'sat', 'sun'] or any subset of these days.
attributes.maintenance_from String Start of the maintenance window each day. We won't check your website during this window. Example: 01:00:00
attributes.maintenance_to String End of the maintenance window each day. Example: 03:00:00
attributes.maintenance_timezone String The timezone to use for the maintenance window each day. Defaults to UTC. The accepted values can be found in the Rails TimeZone documentation. https://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveSupport/TimeZone.html