Better Stack Amazon CloudWatch log forwarding

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Forward logs from Amazon CloudWatch to Better Stack.

1. Create a new AWS Lambda

2. Upload Better Stack AWS Lambda sources

3. Configure Better Stack source token

  • Switch to Configuration tab.
  • Select Environment variables section.
  • Add a new variable BETTER_STACK_SOURCE_TOKEN and paste your Better Stack source token as a value.

4. Set up subscription filters in CloudWatch

  • Go to CloudWatch β†’ Log groups.
  • Open the log group you'd like to send to Better Stack.
  • Switch to Subscription filters tab.
  • Choose Create β†’ Create Lambda subscription filter with these settings:
    • Lambda function: logtail-aws-lambda
    • Log format: JSON
    • Subscription filter name: logtail-aws-lambda-filter

You should see your logs in Better Stack β†’ Live tail.

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