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We are engineers, making the tools we always wanted

Async-first. No bs meetings™.

No Zoom calls. We use Around & Loom.

No 60 min meetings. 26 min 1:1 quick syncs instead.

Smart & talented colleagues. Challenging tasks & rapid pace.

Our goal is to get out of your way and let you do your best work.

Cozy office. Prefer to work remotely? Fine by us! It's not about how much time you spend working, it's about what you ship.

Delicious lunch every day. Great coffee. Bartender in-house.

Pragmatic approach to product, engineering, marketing & growth.

Off-sites & parties.

Join the dream team

Our idea of a dream team is a team where every person is extraordinary at what they do and effective at collaborating with each other. We are working on exceptionally challenging tasks at a rapid pace and without excellent colleagues, we couldn’t do it.

We hire slowly and never compromise on the quality of the team. We focus on performance and results, not on efforts. We don’t keep slackers around, and we don’t prioritize seniority over great ideas.

A great workplace is not about having the best gym, sleeping pods, or frequent parties. It’s about working as a team on some of the most ambitious goals. Being together on the dream team is one of the greatest privileges and gratifications we know. It’s a team where we learn the most, do our best work, and have the most fun.


Do a lot with little

We are a small team and while we serve large companies, we can’t do what years-old big-tech corporations do — and we believe that’s a good thing. We can’t buy an F1 sponsorship or a Super Bowl ad, but we can sponsor a tech blogger to start her side hustle.

Doing a lot with little is our think different. It means we have to find original and better ways of doing things, not replicating how they have always been done. It’s this David-like approach that makes us succeed even in the Goliath-like challenges.


Be nice, do the right thing

Being nice to each other is a vital value of the company we all want to work at. There is no space for “brilliant jerks”. If you are smart, you also have to be kind. Well-meant feedback can always be delivered with respect.

We nurture a culture of quiet confidence and open humbleness. There is no space for selfishness on our team. We appreciate the privilege of working with each other and lift each other up.

We won’t compromise on what we believe in to cut corners. We are in this for the long run and want to win right, even if that means taking the harder path. This applies to not just treating our people well but also to how we do business with everyone outside the company.


Don’t ask for permission

We trust our people to do what is best for the company and promote freedom to act as they believe is best. It’s better to move fast than to never ship – We run experiments and are not afraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

We believe that people do their best work when being trusted, empowered, and able to make a difference. That’s why we share almost everything internally — be it a strategy decision, revenue chart, or competition insight. This way, anyone on the team can make a well-informed decision in the context of the whole company.


Reason from first principles

We don’t push unnecessary rules or processes and rely on independent reasoning and common sense. We trust our team to judge what is right for Better Stack.

We hire A players and let them make the decisions independently; it’s not our goal to micromanage. Our goal is to get out of your way and let you do your best work.


Work at a fast-growing startup in a team of super-talented colleagues (Y Combinator alumni, ex-Google & ex-Shopify engineers, and… you?).

Work hard, treat people well, and have fun.

Photo of Better Stack team

We are engineers, making the tools we always wanted

And we are on a mission: building developer-first observability.
Existing monitoring tools are designed for SREs with developer-experience being an after-thought. We craft tools for software writers. We believe that makers deserve the most powerful tools without having to compromise on user experience. We build beautifully designed software which is a joy to use. Making it easier to ship better and more reliable software faster. We take the developer-first approach in everything we do.

– Better Stack team

Our investors

Lachy Groom Ex-Stripe
Madhu Muthukumar CPO at Notion
Michael stoppelman Ex-VP at Yelp
Kevin Indig Director of SEO at Shopify
Rahul Mehta Managing partner at DST Global
Ryan Petersen CEO at Flexport
Zach Sims CEO at Codecademy
Tim Soulo CMO at Ahrefs
Aaron Levie CEO Box
Kulpreet Singh ex-UiPath
Emil Eifrem founder of Neo4j