Why you should not use java.util.logging

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Updated on August 25, 2023

java.util.logging (JUL) is one of the built-in logging frameworks available in Java. While it's not inherently "bad," there are some reasons why developers may prefer using other logging libraries over java.util.logging. Here are some common reasons:

Verbosity and Configuration

java.util.logging lacks some of the advanced features available in other logging frameworks like Log4j or Logback. Configuring logging levels, formatting, and log destinations can be more cumbersome compared to other logging libraries.


java.util.logging is relatively limited in terms of configurability and customizability compared to more modern logging libraries like Log4j or Logback. Developers often prefer more flexible and feature-rich logging frameworks to meet specific project requirements.

Community and Ecosystem

The java.util.logging API is part of the standard Java library, but it has a smaller community and ecosystem compared to other popular logging frameworks. This can lead to fewer third-party integrations and community-contributed extensions.


While java.util.logging can be sufficient for basic logging needs, some logging frameworks offer better performance optimizations and asynchronous logging, which can be crucial for high-performance applications.

Lack of Active Development

java.util.logging has not seen significant updates in recent Java releases, whereas other logging frameworks are actively maintained and improved.

Consistency Across Projects

Many developers prefer to use a single, consistent logging framework across multiple projects, and they might choose a more popular and widely used logging library that aligns with industry best practices.

Log Management and Analysis

Other logging frameworks, like Log4j 2 and Logback, provide features for more efficient log management, analysis, and integration with external log management tools.


Given these points, it's essential to consider your specific requirements and the features you need when choosing a logging framework for your Java projects. If you need a more robust, configurable, and widely used logging solution, alternatives like Log4j 2 and Logback are popular choices within the Java community. However, if you're working on a smaller project with simple logging needs, java.util.logging might suffice.

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