How to change node.js's console font color?

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Updated on March 11, 2024

In Node.js, you can change the console font color by using ANSI escape codes. ANSI escape codes are sequences of characters that control text formatting, including colors. Here's a simple example of how you can change the font color in the Node.js console:

// ANSI escape codes for text color
const red = '\\x1b[31m';
const green = '\\x1b[32m';
const reset = '\\x1b[0m';

// Use the escape codes to change font color
console.log(red + 'This text is red.' + reset);
console.log(green + 'This text is green.' + reset);

In this example:

  • \\x1b[31m represents the ANSI escape code for setting the text color to red.
  • \\x1b[32m represents the ANSI escape code for setting the text color to green.
  • \\x1b[0m is used to reset the text color to the default.

You can find various ANSI escape codes for different colors and formatting options. Here are a few examples:

  • \\x1b[31m: Red
  • \\x1b[32m: Green
  • \\x1b[33m: Yellow
  • \\x1b[34m: Blue
  • \\x1b[35m: Magenta
  • \\x1b[36m: Cyan
  • \\x1b[37m: White

To create more complex formatting or combine multiple formatting options, you can concatenate the escape codes accordingly.

Keep in mind that ANSI escape codes for colors may not work on all terminals or environments. Some terminals might not support or have disabled ANSI escape codes by default. If you encounter issues, consider using third-party libraries like chalk for more robust and cross-platform color formatting in the console.

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