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Better Stack lets you see inside any stack, debug any issue, and resolve any incident.

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Better Stack customers include Redis, Octopus Deploy, Accenture, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Brave, Drata, Unicef, Canada, Decathlon, Raycast, Ametek, Align, Salesforce and Time magazine
Better Stack

Log everything.
Troubleshoot anything.

Visualize your entire stack, aggregate all your logs into structured data, and query everything like a single database with SQL.

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Log management

Centralize, store, and search your logs at lightning speeds. Don't stress about archiving or rehydration.

Observability dashboards

Summarize metrics from all your sources into beautifully designed dashboards.

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Status pages

Communicate maintenance and incident updates automatically on dedicated, branded pages.

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How is Better Stack

10x faster than Elastic

Stop wasting time waiting for queries to finish and spend more resolving incidents, even with large data volumes. *

Collaboration and observability, together

Shadow your colleague in 1-click and collaborate where your data lives to resolve incidents faster.

Beautiful. Simple. Integrated.

Stop compromising on user experience. Get rid of different tools patched together with unreliable integrations and consolidate your stack.

17x cheaper
than DataDog

That means $820,000 saved a year when logging 200TB/month. Every year. Stop overpaying and invest engineering resources in your people instead. **

* Based on Elastic Stack vs. ClickHouse search speeds performance comparison run by the engineering team at Uber and the ClickHouse benchmark project.
** The significant savings are possible thanks to ClickHouse, a radically better column-oriented SQL database.

Building for community of
150,000+ developers

Discover hundreds of technical articles & open-source projects and radically improve your stack.

Supporting the impact makers

We are proud to give back to open-source and impact makers around the world.

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Downtime ends today

Better Stack lets you see inside any stack, debug any issue, and resolve any incident.

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