Introducing the Better Stack Coffee Machine

Being on-call is hard.
Getting downtime alerts is a pain.
Debugging incidents is stressful.

We put an end to it. Today.

With the first-ever Smart On-call Coffee Machine 503 (soon available in the 404 series) and its built-in Better Uptime integration.

You can now get a cup of freshly brewed coffee with every downtime. 👇

coffee machine.png

A wide selection of delicious coffee drinks is included. Choose your favorite, based on the incident that occurs — and enjoy a better on-call!

Minor incident before noon? Latte is ideal. Major incident at 4 in the morning? Americano or double espresso will do the job.

Works perfectly in and outside the office. With every monitor, heartbeat, and integration.

It’s seamless to set up, simply go to Better Uptime → Integrations → Exporting data → Smart On-call Coffee Machine 503 and connect it. Takes 5 minutes to set up and works beautifully from the get-go.

Pre-order yours today and start turning downtime into uptime in no time.

Published on 31.3.2022
Tags: Better Uptime, Incident management