How to Check an Element's Value in Playwright

Better Stack Team
Updated on February 22, 2024

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With the release of Playwright version 1.20, the framework introduced the toHaveValue() assertion, enhancing the process of verifying the value held by elements such as input fields:

await expect(page.locator('input#name-input')).toHaveValue('John Doe');

This assertion also supports the use of regular expressions for more dynamic checks:

await expect(page.locator('input#name-input')).toHaveValue(/\w+/);

When dealing with select elements that permit multiple selections, the toHaveValues() assertion comes into play, allowing verification against multiple expected values:

await expect(page.locator('select')).toHaveValues([/Red/, /Green/]);

If your intention is merely to retrieve an element's value without making an assertion, the inputValue() method is applicable for <input>, <textarea>, and <select> elements:

const value = page.locator('input#name-input').inputValue();

For retrieving text from other element types, innerText() is the method of choice, while toHaveText() serves to assert the text content:

const value = await page.getByRole('heading').innerText();
await expect(page.getByRole('heading')).toHaveText('A heading');

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!

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