How to run Python code on Android?

Better Stack Team
Updated on October 5, 2023

There are several ways to run Python code on an Android device:

  1. Use an Android app that can run Python code, such as QPython, PyDroid, or Python for Android. These apps typically include a built-in Python interpreter, as well as other features such as a code editor and access to the device's camera or GPS.
  2. Use a remote development setup, where you write and run your Python code on a computer, and use an Android app to connect to the computer and run the code. For example, you can use VNC (Virtual Network Computing) or SSH (Secure Shell) to connect to the computer and run the code from the command line.
  3. Use a Python interpreter that can run on Android, such as SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android), and use the interpreter to run your Python code on the device. This option is more advanced, and may require some additional setup and configuration.
  4. Use a Python-Django Framework and run the project on a local server, then access it through the browser on your android device.
  5. Use QPython3 which is designed for Android, it allows you to run python3 script on your android device.

You should choose the best approach depending on your needs and experience level.

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