How to push a docker image to a private repository?

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Updated on April 7, 2023

To push a Docker image to a private repository, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the private repository using the following command:

    docker login <repository_url>

    Replace <repository_url> with the URL of your private repository.

    You will be prompted for your username and password for the repository.

  2. Tag your local Docker image with the repository URL using the following command:

    docker tag <local_image_name> <repository_url>/<image_name>:<tag>

    Replace <local_image_name> with the name of the Docker image you want to push, <repository_url> with the URL of your private repository, <image_name> with the name you want to use for the image in the repository, and <tag> with the tag you want to use for the image.

  3. Push the Docker image to the private repository using the following command:

    docker push <repository_url>/<image_name>:<tag>

    This will upload the Docker image to your private repository.

  4. Verify that the Docker image is available in your private repository by checking the repository's web interface or by running the following command:

    docker search <repository_url>/<image_name>

    This will search for the Docker image in your private repository.

    Note that you may need to set up authentication and authorization for your private repository to control who can push and pull Docker images. Check the documentation for your specific repository software for more information.

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