What Are the Differences between .gitignore and .gitkeep?

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Updated on June 24, 2024

.gitignore and .gitkeep are two different files used in Git repositories for distinct purposes:


  • The .gitignore file is used to specify intentionally untracked files that Git should ignore.
  • It contains a list of file patterns or paths that Git should ignore when performing operations like git status, git add, and git commit.
  • You typically add files like build artifacts, temporary files, logs, and dependency directories to .gitignore to prevent them from being accidentally committed to the repository.
  • Git will not track or commit any files matching the patterns specified in .gitignore.
  • .gitignore does not affect tracked files already in the repository.


  • The .gitkeep file is not a standard Git feature but rather a convention used by some projects.
  • It is an empty file (or sometimes a file with a single line of content) placed in an otherwise empty directory to force Git to track the directory.
  • Git does not track empty directories by default. When you try to add an empty directory to Git, it will be ignored.
  • By adding a .gitkeep file to an empty directory, you signal to Git that the directory should be tracked, even if it's empty.
  • This convention is often used in projects to maintain directory structures in source control, even if the directories do not contain any files initially.


  • .gitignore is a standard feature of Git, whereas .gitkeep is a convention used by some projects.
  • .gitignore is used to specify files that Git should ignore, while .gitkeep is used to force Git to track otherwise empty directories.
  • Both files serve different purposes and are used in different contexts within a Git repository.
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