Can we have multiple CNAMES for a single Name?

Better Stack Team
Updated on November 23, 2023

No, according to DNS (Domain Name System) standards, having multiple CNAME (Canonical Name) records for a single name is not allowed. A CNAME record creates an alias from one domain name to another, allowing a domain or subdomain to be an alias for another domain name.

The reason for this restriction is rooted in how CNAME records work. A CNAME record is meant to be the final resolution for a domain name, providing the canonical name to which the queried name points. All other record types for that name are usually disregarded when a CNAME record exists.

Allowing multiple CNAME records for a single name would lead to ambiguity and conflicts. It could create uncertainties in the resolution process, as it wouldn’t be clear which canonical name the queried name is supposed to point to if multiple aliases are specified.

If you need multiple records for the same name, CNAMEs can't coexist with other record types like A (Address), MX (Mail Exchange), NS (Name Server), etc. However, you can use different record types to achieve the desired functionality. For example, using multiple A records or creating a chain of CNAMEs isn't allowed, but you can use other record types in combination with CNAME records for different purposes within a DNS zone.

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